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Live slowly, living in reality Yang Fu Min-So much water so close to home project Call from passion: Tom’s sweet bean soup Colleague of a crowd of people in Eastern Taiwan
Hsu Jen-Shuo, who plans how to get in touch with what he likes since he was a child, asked his father permission to attend baseball summer camp as a student of elementary school, because he liked baseball. He stimulated the art work and applied Department of Architecture, National Cheng Kung University, because he liked designing.He shot documentary for Taiwan Public Television after he completed his military service, because he liked to observe people This project plans to cooperate with Hualien Newli community communication association to hire community constructor to teach students multidimensional aspects of community construction..... Tom, male, was employed as an information manager for years. Due to senses of unhappiness and non-meaningfulness of life, Tom left his job and made changes into his life. Colleague of a crowd of people in Eastern Taiwan is an internet community which was organized by individuals and local groups who care the environment issue of Huatung.....