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Walking out from the comfortable zone: Starlight’s music travel Hualien farmers’ market The Elderly Companionship in Minyun Community Accompany Learning: The Elderly Drawing-talking Class
Banai and Vicky are in the transition of their career development. An invitation letter from Banai aroused the dream that Vicky had before. Hualien farmers’ market is formed by little farmers in Hualien who have collective idea like ‘’organic’’ and ‘’no fertilizer farming,’’ which is friendly to the earth..... The elderly companionship in Minyun Community, Hualien City was held initiatively by several mothers of the community, who raised money to set up the foundation of “Grandma’s Kitchen” to make elder care into caring action. Volunteers take turns purchasing and cooking meals every Wednesday in order to encourage elders who live alone in the community to go out and have lunch with others...... The Elderly Drawing-talking Class is located in Fenglin, Hualien county, initiated by Ya-ling Chen and volunteer teacher and students from National Dong Hwa University, cooperating with local artists and community development association......