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Call from passion: Tom’s sweet bean soup Spring of Hakatown The Social Enterprise of Going Back to Hometown as A Farmer: Chi-Yen Lu’s story Solving social problems with technology-Huang, Chiao Pang
Tom, male, was employed as an information manager for years. Due to senses of unhappiness and non-meaningfulness of life, Tom left his job and made changes into his life. Spring of Hakatown is located in Yuli townm, which is launched by Luo Yong Ching, postdoctoral research fellow of Academia Sinica..... Chi-Yen Lu, who used to work in information industry, decided to quit his job five years ago because his father' car accident, which interrupted his career as farmer. ‘’Don’t leave a trove with empty hands,’’This is a the saying Huang Chiao Pang’s father gave to him before entering the college. It made him decide to choose multidimensional courses and attend activities of clubs to explore his direction of life. From intramural clubs to interscholastic competitions, Chiao Pang open up his new horizon though these activities. Other classmates follow the traditional path