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Spring of Hakatown Sunny Wood Art Workshop Luck is when preparation meets opportunity! (Chance favors the prepared mind!) Creating Cycle of Good
Spring of Hakatown is located in Yuli townm, which is launched by Luo Yong Ching, postdoctoral research fellow of Academia Sinica..... Paiwan Tribe in Taimali, Taitung was inspired by Typhoon Morakot which caused millions of tons of drift wood piled up in the eastern coast. "Unintentionally" discovering and being deeply attracted by a deserted courtyard house in Zhushan— with such a “chance” begins Pei-jun He’s story. Being influenced by parents, Pei-jun He had dreamt to be an entrepreneur since he was little. Due to the hometown is located in a remote township, which faces its loss of youth and aging of the residents, Chia Ming, a 28 years old young man, decided to rent a wooden old house and collected second hand house furnishings to decorate by himself when he had free time as a special education teacher. He establishes an internet community called ''Our Old House'' as a backpackers' hotel.