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Live slowly, living in reality Cidal hunter school A wild-exercising imagination and achievement of career: Tzlun’s seed cart The Elderly Companionship in Minyun Community
Hsu Jen-Shuo, who plans how to get in touch with what he likes since he was a child, asked his father permission to attend baseball summer camp as a student of elementary school, because he liked baseball. He stimulated the art work and applied Department of Architecture, National Cheng Kung University, because he liked designing.He shot documentary for Taiwan Public Television after he completed his military service, because he liked to observe people Cidal hunter school lies in tribe Sibilian in Shoufeng township. It mainly teach basic survival skills in wild and pass on culture of coastal Amis tribes..... Tzlun, male, yearning for natural life, changed his art profession to be a free farmer with his enthusiastic devotion into environmental and ecological concerns. Tzlun hand made a cart from recycle irons and mobil bicycle, carrying on seeds and books. Seeds in cart are free to exchange, so are book are free to read, especially picture books are screened for children for learning ecological, environmental protection, and agricultural knowledge. The elderly companionship in Minyun Community, Hualien City was held initiatively by several mothers of the community, who raised money to set up the foundation of “Grandma’s Kitchen” to make elder care into caring action. Volunteers take turns purchasing and cooking meals every Wednesday in order to encourage elders who live alone in the community to go out and have lunch with others......