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Yu Dong Carpenter  
Yu Dong Carpenter is a carpentry course held at Yu Dong Junior High School in Yuli, Hualian County. Chia-Na Wang, who was honored as the Champion of World Carpentry Competition, is responsible for this course. Yu Dong Carpenter aims to assist children in remote areas to develop specialties, patience, self-confidence, and a proper attitude toward people and life and to remember: Never give up! In recent years, Yu Dong Carpenter also has begun collecting student works to establish an exhibition in Taipei, which not only inspires students, but broadens their horizons.
Wu Wei Wu  
u Wei Wu (The Five-Flavor House) is located in Fengtian, a small village in Hualian County. It takes Japanese traditional architecture known as “Feng Gu Dou” to run a second-hand shop, which is mainly for community welfare, and also provides an activity center for kids and teenagers from nearby villages. Wu Wei Wu intends to supply a real multi-learning place for children in the community and assist them in learning the five flavors that every rural child should obtain, which are childlike, hardworking and thrifty, thankful, friendly, and useful. Children can exchange their work hours for tickets at Wu Wei Wu. “To earn profits through their own efforts” is the simple and proud-working principle of the children at Wu Wei Wu. Wu Wei Wu looks forward to creating the concept of “common good” to eventually facilitate the transfiguration of remote communities, balancing both urban and rural development, and to search for a new picture.
Hodong Holiday Creative Arts School  
Hodong Holiday Creative Arts School is located in Yuli initiated by an elementary school teacher Ming-hsien Hsieh who gathers a group of local volunteers to carry out companionship of creative arts cultivation for children at Chun-Rih Elementary School. Through the accompanying, children could have more chances to develop specialties and interests in creative arts, to consolidate their cultural identity, and broaden their horizons of life and experience.
Nan-Hua Horse Adoption-Guidance  
Nan-Hua Horse Adoption-Guidance is cooperated by Dong Hwa University with Nan Hua elementary school and Horses in Education Center for the disadvantaged children. Nan-Hua Horse Adoption-Guidance combines therapeutic horse-riding with stud-farm basic work training to assist the children in discovering their self-worth, marketable skills, freeing from “compensatory formula”, and developing local industry. Through horse-riding and equestrianism, both psychologically (e.g., confidence, attention, communication, and expression) and physically (e.g., muscle power, balance, and cardiopulmonary function) function progressively. With companionship, disadvantaged children from remote area can confide in themselves and eventually re-build the values of life.
Children Workshop in Guangfu  
Children Workshop is an independent education studio located in Guangfu initiated by a graduate student-Ching-yuan Chen from Dong Hwa University. Ching-yuan Chen gathers a group of student volunteers to run a cost-free holiday school to provide weekend learning and playing for children of remote areas. The courses in Children Workshop are not designed to review the schoolwork, instead, emphasize the enlightened learning of art and culture, and guide the children with independent thinking. Children Workshop “Ten-year Plan” intends to connect parents of the community to accompany children and enable children to think, grow, broaden horizons, and figure out their self-value.
Children's Bookstore  
The bookstore is open to children from families with disabled or vulnerable family members in Taitung. Chun-lang Chen (Pa Chen), the founder of the bookstore, adheres to the idea that "As long as children need it, it will be opened." to create the second home, school, or haven for the children. The bookstore provides diversified courses centering on companion so that children can regain self-confidence and the sense of accomplishment and get back on the track of study again.
Earth Passengers--Taitung Permaculture Education Base  
Earth Passengers--Taitung Permaculture Education Base adopts the permaculture principle in "effective energy planning", advocates simple life, considers the overall environment in a systematic manner, communicates its principles through various environment design and environmental education, and attracts the public who are interested in friendly and sustainable environment to participant and experience.At present, in addition to environmental education experience courses held from time to time, Taitung base provides education experience courses on various topics applied by communities, schools, and groups.
Hualien Permaculture and Sustainable Rural School  
Established by Hualien County Permaculture and Sustainable Life Association, since over five years ago, the school has held environmental education courses on sustainable environmental and agricultural issues on Fridays and held hands-on experience workshops and farm experience courses. Currently, about two farms in Shoufeng Township, Hualien have organized Permaculture and Sustainable Rural Schools and hope to bring about new vitality to abandoned land with Permaculture philosophy and ecological agriculture model--eco-agricultural economy and land revival.Meanwhile, they train new land owners and young people who return to hometown to be farmers to have sustainable agricultural skills, bring about new vitality to rural life, promote sustainable life pattern, and create a green economy model.Centering on "rural school", they support production mix of sustainable agriculture and combine consumption mix of friendly earth.
Elderly companionship in community 
Accompany Learning: The Elderly Drawing-talking Class  
The Elderly Drawing-talking Class is located in Fenglin, Hualien County and was initiated by Erin Chen and volunteer teachers and students from National Dong Hwa University, who cooperate with local artists and the community development association. The accompany learning class is carried out through the methods of “drawing and talking” from the elderly and “accompanying and listening” from others. By learning to care for the elderly and experience rural life, students thus obtain a chance to be involved in the local communities and develop collaborative partnerships with the elderly. They actively know more about and connect with local people and events, thus shortening the distance of interpersonal relationships in today’s modern isolated society.
Fengtian Niuli Community Development Association  
Fengtian Niuli Community Development Association is located in Shoufeng taking community caring service for the elderly as its primary goal. The association once built a learning and resource center and conducted the plan of “Traffic Safety Education for the elderly” which gained lots of admiration for its efforts on the elderly companionship. The association promotes long-term caring service through crafts learning taught by the elderly which in turn might improve the elders’ functions and contributions to the community.