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Elderly companionship in community 
Fuyuan Community Development Association  
Fuyuan Community Development Association is located in Ruisui of Hualien County, taking community arts including painting and dyeing from the elderly and drum arts promotion as its primary developmental goals. The elderly painting class implemented by the local cultural worker-Hsing-hua Lin has struck achievement so far, and several elders of the community have become famous local artists and even have published their own works. The association also encourages the elderly to participate community development affairs to improve their functions and at the same time promote the cultural features of the community.
The Elderly Companionship in Minyun Community  
The elderly companionship in Minyun Community, Hualien City was held initiatively by several mothers of the community, who raised money to set up the foundation of “Grandma’s Kitchen” to make elder care into caring action. Volunteers take turns purchasing and cooking meals every Wednesday in order to encourage elders who live alone in the community to go out and have lunch with others. Besides, volunteers visit solitary elders and arrange them several lessons such as health caring, life news, karaoke, and painting. Currently, this project is promoted by Minyun Community Development Association. Since 2014 they have been raising funds from neighboring enterprises to make the project sustainable.
Art intervention in community 
Pakeriran Art Farm  
In 2009, Professor Sheau-Shei Pan of Dong Hwa University formed a team and cooperated with studio “Firing” in Gangkou Tribe to carry out the plan “New Genre Public Art” which was based on the thriving “Art Strength” of Gangkou Tribe to transform aboriginal studios “Necklace” and “Firing” into Pakeriran art farm.
Young members of the tribe went back from cities using driftwoods on the seashore to create arts and who construct the art farm on their own. Besides prosperous woodcarving art, there’s a local theater “Cepo” composed of tribe elders which once performed the story of Gangkou Tribe in Taiwan.
Community Kitchen 
Food Sharing Kitchen-Chuyingsan Culture and Industry Exchange Association  
Chuying Community is located in Jian Township of Hualien County. Here, the Executive Director of Chuyingsan Culture and Industry Exchange Association, Bao-Zhu Zhong,gathered elder members to build a community club in the traditional way. The community club, made from grass and bamboos, is important for the people in Chuying, because it is not only a co-kitchen in this community, but also a playground for the children. The elders in Chuying strive to live a valued life and construct a unique picture of a rural village in their own way.
Food Sharing Kitchen for the elderly-Dongli Community Development Association  
Dongli Community Development Association located in Fuli Township of Hualien County cooperates with local industry “Tenno Rice” and sets up station to promote caring and accompanying project for the elderly. They gather volunteers to participate in the project including cooking lunch for the elderly every weekday, fresh vegetables donating, and caring service. The association also casually arranges courses of art and culture to spread out local culture and crafts.
Pizza Earth Oven at Liyutan- Hualien County Multi-population Environment and Green Energy Development Association  
Hualien County Multi-population Environment and Green Energy Development Association builds a station and make earth oven at Liyutan, and with the combination of local natural landscape and the culture of local populations in order to foster local tourism industry. There are several activities held by the station including handmade bread and pizza experience with earth oven, plants rubbing, afternoon tea, and bicycling. With the development of meaningful traveling route, to elevate the added value of local cultural industry, raise competent people of multi-population, and increase local employment opportunities.
Taiping Tribe Kitchen & Bakery  
Taiping Tribe which is located in Zhuoxi Township of Hualien County has developed tribe-featured products “Men Cake” and “Women Cake since 2012. In 2014, National Dong Hwa University conducts Ministry of Science and Technology project “Humanities Innovation and Social Practice”, which connects Yuli High School Food and Beverage Department and professions from Taipei with Taiping Tribe. In order to incubate Taiping people with baking techniques, the project includes holding different workshops such as bagel and jam making. Also, Taiping Tribe and National Dong Hwa University further consider the way to continue adding value on baking products, raising tribe energy, and manpower rearing.
Hualien Guangfu township woodpecker association of holistic care take  
Hualien Guangfu Township Woodpecker Association of Holistic Caretaking takescare of remote village teenagers who have a rare disease. In the past, it walked into aborigine tribes in the middle-south part of Hualien County and taught kids and teenagers to grow up with the belief of “When a child is seen, the change in his life will have a deep influence.” In 2012, the association began running a public welfare restaurant, hoping the minority in the hometown could learn from this platform, so it can boost minority employment, cultivate skills, and establish economic independence. In the summer of 2014, the association recruited resources to get a mobile pizza truck, which had been anticipated by children in remote tribes for a long time. Now, it travels around to remote tribes and makes children’s wish of eating hot pizza come true.
WAWA kitchen of Gang Kou village-Hualien growth association of holistic care.  
“Growth” means growing up. This association hopes to open the key to children’s growth by love and care and provide adequate help for minority children to get the best growth. It was launched by a tribal food culture field worker, Ho Ci Jing, and her collaborative team together.
WAWA means child in Amis. WAWA Kitchen mainly targets children in Gang Kou Village, Fengbin Township. It hopes to create snacks and cuisine that have local cultural traits by using local natural ingredients.
Food and agriculture 
Hualien farmers’ market  
Hualien farmers’ market is formed by little farmers in Hualien who have collective idea like ‘’organic’’ and ‘’no fertilizer farming,’’ which is friendly to the earth. It not only provide a good place for them to not be exploited by tunnel merchants and customers can understand their idea and build deep relationships. It is also one of the special market that customer can enjoy arts and experience local culture.