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Associations of Environmental issues 
Hualien Perma Tribe  
A crowd of like-minded friends hastogether learned Perma sustainable design since 2010. They are building Hualien County as a “dream island” in their mind. Through three stages and a two-year Perma course, they incorporate living wisdom and real actions to practice a Perma spirit of “take care of the earth, take care of the people, and share what we still have left.”
2022 Forum  
"2022 forum" is a platform for folk opinions exchange and spread, which is established spontaneously by the folk community in Huatung. This forum aims at ‘’The developmental issues in Hualien and Taitung’’ to discuss. In one hand, it keeps tracing and supervising how the government apply of the 40 billion ten years fundament of Huatung act, and spread messages online for the public to know the execution process periodically. In other hand, this forum will invite folk community and local personality to put their heads together to discuss the idea and acting project of the Eastern development.
Eastern Taiwan studies conference  
Eastern Taiwan studies conference was original from a group of partners who care and study eastern Taiwan for long time. They were aware of the loss of local reference and there is no platform for them to exchange and communicate. Thus, they united eastern Taiwan studies conference, which aims at the promotion of eastern Taiwan academic studies and offer of academic services.
In academic studies, they held academic activities, launch journals, serial books, collect and reorganize every kind of eastern Taiwan reference systematically, and bulit an open library.
Spring of Hakatown  
Spring of Hakatown is located in Yuli townm, which is launched by Luo Yong Ching, postdoctoral research fellow of Academia Sinica. The motivation is to reorganize the old farmhouse in this remote small town. Then, it can open for travelers from anywhere to work exchange and develop a space to practice field living. Currently, the workshop continually hold field programs, lecture, teen tribe action plan, and ‘’ Help Workshop.’’ In the future, it will plan to expand the exhibition to held art exhibition, photo exhibition, concert, rice contract farming, artist in residency, field stargazing, storytelling, menu-less cuisine, community currency, barter economy, backpacker, bicycleman, and mountain climber service.
Geektopia, located in Yuli Township, Hualien, was formed by a free corporation group. Geektopia strengthens the local community network and targets sharing, learning, interest and sustainability as their goal.
Colleague of a crowd of people in Eastern Taiwan  
Colleague of a crowd of people in Eastern Taiwan is an internet community which was organized by individuals and local groups who care the environment issue of Huatung. The number of members has reached nearly 1700, who come from different works and spontaneously discuss correlational issues about environment in Huatung.
It was built by three young people who come from different tribes. Kaluluan is a little village with multiple ethnics(Amis, Sakizaya, Bunun, Kamalan, Hoklo, Hakka, Taroko, Mainlander) Kaluluan is a workshop which is full of different cultural stories, artifacts, mountains, ocean, ecological knowledge of river, outdoor adventure, life education, spiritual exploration, forest camping, forest farm, traditional fishing village and local delicious cuisine.

They hope to revive the specific culture and economic model that Kaluluan and other tribes help each other and succeed the dream of tribe.
Hualien Fulian Rice Marketing Cooperative  
Because the average age is getting higher, Fulian Rice Marketing Cooperative was organized by a group of local and returned young farmers. They are going to find out the way through helping each other and sharing to promote the value of little farmers. They gather together not just for producing and marketing, but they take care their hometown and colleagues through the community. Now, they produce and sale by the platform built by cooperative. Moreover, they develop local economic with the surplus. In 2015, they held Funan community grass musical, which attracted visitors to Fuli successfully.
Fuli B&B  
Yu-Jie, Zhou returned her hometown-Fuli Township, Hualien to assist her father for B & B business and became the member of Fulian Rice Marketing Cooperatives. After running B & B for years, Yu-Jie developed interest in the old house. She looked around and with her friend's recommendation, found this appropriate place which was served as a tobacco barn. She spent eight months repairing and arranging the environment and made it reborn as a B & B space. In the future, She also plans to transform the old barns into gardens and the classroom for activity experiencing, and continually promotes the beauty of rural life .
Flipped Hualien Institute  
Flipped Hualien Institute, a cozy place in Hualien city, was originated by the founder of o’rip. It provided a base of dreams and social practice for the Hualien youth; it provides travelers with the chance of culture experience and exchange accommodation; and it as well as provides a co-working space for discussion, meeting, and communication, in order to open new possibilities for Hualien city.