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Sunny Wood Art Workshop  
Paiwan Tribe in Taimali, Taitung was inspired by Typhoon Morakot which caused millions of tons of drift wood piled up in the eastern coast. Enterprises beyond Taitung invested in the woodworking workshop (Yuan’ai Workshop) of the community to gather professionals and volunteers to establish "Sunny Wood Art Workshop" at Duoliang Primary School which was abandoned for years. The workshop is used to develop wood art and train local youth on wood art. The workshop has changed the community step by step, reduced the outflow of young labor, and united the community.
PAW-PAW Drum Group of Pisirian Community  
The children of Sanxiantai Tribe generally face the problem of grand-parenting or single parent families.
In order to gather the children to learn skills and teach them mother tongue songs to pass on their culture, the community association asked artists to make drums with the floaters (called pawpaw in Amis language) discarded each year. With the help of charitable organizations and professional percussion bands, Pisirian Community located at a remote area has its own PAW-PAW drum band which drives the tourist economy and popularity of the community.
"Youth, where are you going?" Public Youth Platform of Guangfu Township  
"Public Youth Platform" mainly provides a platform for communication across ethnic groups so that the young people in Guangfu Township, Hualien can have a place to gather and exchange. "Health Maintenance and Leisure Industry and Moving Talents towards the East Plan" launched by the Urban and Rural Development Branch, Construction and Planning Agency, Ministry of the Interior helps the officials of towns and townships to establish "local contact networks" to integrate local industries, talents, organization, and return or move of youth and provide life information to new and potential settlers. Internally, it strengthens local development consensus and promote local development. Externally, it distributes information, serves tourists and talents, holds exchange activities, helps settlers integrate into the community, offers life assistance, holds relevant communication and experience activities with specific topics, and helps talents work at the places which need them.
Dulan Tribe, Taitung--Amis Music Festival  
Suming, an Amis singer of Dulan Tribe, launched the festival and changed Dulan Senior Middle School into "Dulan Arena".Amis Music Festival is held with tribe consensus. The young people of the tribe take charge to arrange various activities, while locals perform on the stage.On one hand, it can respond to the tourists flooded into the tribe for "Harvest Festival". On the other hand, the tribe can receive tourists with preparation.In 2016, "Amis Music Festival" has been held in three sessions and become a grant annual event in which every one of Dulan Tribe, Taitung participates.
Amis Music Festival successfully drives the tourist economy with cultural experience of the tribe.
Young adults’ action projects for village culture: Cases in Hualien 
Zhu Shao Ci-Old Bookstore Rehabilitation  
With the rehabilitation concepts of communication, entertainment, and education, this project aims to provide a space with happiness and trust for people in the community and where also children can have their joyful childhood even there’s no any 3C products companion.
Luan Cheng Wei-Make Pictures with Motion and Life  
This special drawing class transforms elders’ drawing works into motion pictures in order to describe and share stories of the local village. In this interesting and creative way, this project aims to inspire people to concern the value of countryside and lands, and also the reflection of times.
Zhou Wen Jun-Cultural Reservation and Rehabilitation in Sinkan Tribe  
This project involves three development directions: first, investigate and reserve the natural environment and cultural history of the tribe; second, increase work opportunity for young adults, build the sound system of age structure, and establish the tribe autonomous organization to promote cultural heritage; third, rehabilitate traditional culture and make connection with modern society in order to develop sustainably.
Li Pei Xuan-Kebalan Culture Reservation and Heritage in Paterongan Tribe  
Paterongan Tribe has taken the reservation and heritage of Kebalan as its major goals since 2002. Members of the tribe develop the consensus and spare no efforts, by living in a cultural reserving way, to construct an eco-friendly and sustainable environment.
Wang Yun Ting-Marketing and Promotion of Watermelons Industry in Yuli  
Followed by A-qiang Watermelon in Yuli Township and with the manner of brand design and management, this project aims to promote local watermelon industry. And besides marketing, to advocate its ideas, this project cooperates with local studios, industries and related groups to hold creative activities such as township traveling, plants adoption, festivals and markets.
Lu Ji Ye-Shoufeng Image-Culture Rehabilitation and Cooperation with Local New Farmers  
Rice Production and the concept of nature, land, and sustainability in Taiwan are lack of cultural creativity, and in order to improve the situation, this project aims to refine rice packing way and rice production process.