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Young adults’ action projects for village culture: Cases in Hualien 
Zhao Cong Yi-The Plan of Aboriginal Language Independent Publisher  
The heritage and preservation of aboriginal language are facing great difficulties. With cultural and creative industry, this project aims to present, preserve, and promote Bunun culture by publishing books written in both aboriginal language and Chinese.
Fang Ke Jhou-Lima Help tribes together! New media project of connection with cultural resource of tribes./ Hulien county Yuli township Tainan city Baihe district Liuchung river tribe, Taitung county Dawu township Nanshin tribe  
The adversity of tribunal culture passing on results from emigration of youth and change of society, which leads to the indifference of new generation of aborigine. In order to break this difficulty, Fang Ke Jhou hopes to match more human and material to reunite reader interested in tribes, so they can indirectly bring up young people’s enthusiasm of their own tribes. It will invent a mobile App. It not only enhance the promotion of culture business, but also turn this project into a social enterprise to reach sustainable management.
Liu Yan Lin-Guangfu nature plan report  
This plan tries to show the agriculture which is full of farm spirit by making resident of Guangfu villages know the ideal concept of nature farming, help resident to adopt friendly method of cultivation, and open public farm to cultivate with residents of the village. Guangfu nature shares its own vegetable and fruit which was produced in their farm with local residents and provides travelers participation of agriculture experience, which will help them to know the spirit of tribunal culture. Moreover, Guangfu nature afford hostel for travelers to have working holiday if it mention the living culture of village. Besides, it also invite artists to stay and desing art geographic scenery which will make more people know more about the living culture of village and find back original value of earth.
Hiroko Tougashi – Promotion of Jiye youth Okinawa taioko performing  
This plan hopes to perform with Okinawa taiko drums to share with friends of the community in Jian Qingxiu Temple. It allows travelers to see ELSA taiko drum show. It also enlightens the content of Jian Qingxiu archeology, which enhances friendship and promotes folks’ communication between Hualien City and Okinawa Yonagami.
Hsu Yu Hsuan-Corner Ciyakang: Project of returning island  
This plan aims at arranging community courses. The topics include:
1. “Eating in Ciyakang” - The content of this course is about elders of the tribe teaching Taroko traditional cuisine and combining Taroko language and living culture. At the end,the course collectively edits a local hand-painted recipe, “Eating in Ciyakang.” 2. “Walking in Ciyakang” -This connects the resources of aboriginal associations and collectively makes a three-dimensional map of Ciyakang, which belongs to Ciyakang. 3. This plan not only arranges the course of ‘’Corner Ciyakang,’’ but also design small tribe trip with other youth and groups. The goal is to help students learn how to introduce and share their tribal culture, which also allows people in Ciyakang to learn more from their elders about Ciyakang.
Yang Fu Min-So much water so close to home project  
This project plans to cooperate with Hualien Newli Community Communication Association to hire community instructors to teach students the multidimensional aspects of community construction. The plan is to connect dreams with the community through students’ accomplishment of their dreams. Moreover, this plan emphasizes“practice”, which is different from original normal course training. It allows students to think out small payment projects and give them guidance and direction with approved money from this plan. It helps them to do something different and accomplish different dreams during college.

There are now two groups of students from Dong Hwa University who joined this plan. One of them is going to execute the elders’ dream fulfillment project in Third Fungtien Village; the other group hopes to find stories and people who are different from other sightseeing aspects through the promotion of community culture to letpeople know different faces of Hualien and to discover different stories of the community.
Tseng Sheng Ta-Mayuan Tribe Island Puzzle-Project of matching cultural creative industry and activity creating.  
Island puzzle treats deep travel as a tool to help Mayuan tribe to organize their resource. It exploits local commercial model to accumulate revenue to establish ‘’ Island puzzle collective promotion foundation,’’ which can boost op the probability of sustainable management. It plans to add different professions like guide of empowerment training, photograph, designs, culture and creative industry, marketing personnel, and cook to exploits local products and ecological travel, which aims at develop a local distinct experiential community, so it can create a local sustainable management model. It hopes to solve the problem like emigration of youth and the gap between city and countryside through the establishment of this model. Besides, it hopes to recode and preserve fading traditional techniques and culture to boost up local people’s cultural identity. Furthermore, it also encourage to develop sightseeing from local culture and combine local humanity culture, scenery, and food, rebuilding the multicultural value.
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