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Huatung Civil Economic Academy Fuyuan Community Development Association Liu Yan Lin-Guangfu nature plan report Waking in the academy of farm, walking in the new world of life
Given the worsen wealthy inequality and gloomy economic conditions, consortia and land speculation have been unable to bring the most people happiness, as a result, people should cooperate to develop local industries and become masters of their own economy. Fuyuan Community Development Association is located in Ruisui of Hualien County, taking community arts including painting and dyeing from the elderly and drum arts promotion as its primary developmental goals...... This plan tries to show the agriculture which is full of farm spirit by making resident of Guangfu villages know the ideal concept of nature farming..... Yung Ching Luo, who had set his life goal during senior school, wants to write a book which can still be read in hundreds of years. He joined mountain service group during college. From then on, he changed his major from foreign literature to anthropology, and his destiny started to connect with aborigines.