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Fuli B&B Liu Yan Lin-Guangfu nature plan report The backstage planner-Lin Da Han WAWA kitchen of Gang Kou village-Hualien growth association of holistic care.
Yu-Jie, Zhou returned her hometown-Fuli Township, Hualien to assist her father for B & B business and became the member of Fulian Rice Marketing Cooperatives. This plan tries to show the agriculture which is full of farm spirit by making resident of Guangfu villages know the ideal concept of nature farming..... 2012, it is the year that crowdfunding platform were rising in Taiwan`. Lin Da Han once studied at two famous colleges, but he never graduated. While he was a student, he devoted many time on holding big events and club running. Through coincidence, he was admired by the founder of ‘’ Wuming,’’ Lin Hong Cheng. ‘’Growth’’ means growing up. This association hopes to open the key of children’s growth by love and care, and afford adequate help for children from minority to get best growth.....