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Agricultural Entrepreneurship in Hometown The important backstage planner for tribal culture heritage and economic independence—Ming-Ji Wu The backstage planner-Lin Da Han Kaluluan
Yu-Rong Peng, had served as journalist, joined the "News & Market" to start reporting a series of stories for food safety, and turned the attentions of people to such issue. Ming-Ji Wu came from Chiayi, havingdreamed of becoming a scientist when she was a child. In the Post-Martial Law Period of Taiwan, she wasmajor in botany in college. Influenced by the contemporary social atmosphere, she began to focus on the issue of underprivileged groups. 2012, it is the year that crowdfunding platform were rising in Taiwan`. Lin Da Han once studied at two famous colleges, but he never graduated. While he was a student, he devoted many time on holding big events and club running. Through coincidence, he was admired by the founder of ‘’ Wuming,’’ Lin Hong Cheng. It was built by three young people who come from different tribes. Kaluluan is a little village with multiple ethnics(Amis, Sakizaya, Bunun, Kamalan, Hoklo, Hakka, Taroko, Mainlander) Kaluluan is a workshop which is full of different cultural stories, artifacts, mountains, ocean, ecological knowledge of river, outdoor adventure, life education, spiritual exploration, forest camping, forest farm, traditional fishing village and local delicious cuisine.