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Name of Integrated Research Project
Cross-disciplinary Study of Humanities and Social Science: Humanistic Imagination, Local Practice, and Social Innovation
Chief Investigator of Integrated Research Project
Meei-Ju Lin, Ph.D.
Yaw-Sheng Lin, Ph.D.
Project1: Psychological Practices in Ways Otherwise Than Professional: Exploring the Humanity Images and Innovative Social Actions in Nan-Hwa Project..
Project2: Untypical Young Adults' Career Imagination, Construction, and Action: Research Platform for Life Stories of Micro-actions.
Project3: Using the Useless: The Cross-Border Collaboration in the Hand-Made Workshop in the Wu Wei Wu (The Five-Flavour House).
Project4: Retrieving the Liberty of Living Flexibility: Co-Ops as an Experimental Field.
Project5: Identity Redifinition and Self-representation of Immigrant Women from Southeast Asia and Mainland China through International Marriage.
Project6: Issues of Practicing on Social Trust System, Reflexive Modernity and Living Domination in Organic Farmer's Market in Hualien.
Project7: New Lives and Mobility Experience in Hualien: Farming, Hospitality and Working Holiday.
Project8: A Rural Learning Corner: Development and Exploration of Human-Ecology Industry for Cross-Field Learning Communities.
Education (11)
Environment (16)
Culture (10)
Agriculture (15)
Enterprises (1)
Other (4)