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Development of Environmental Performance index for Danongdafu Forest Park and nearby Watershed in Hualien
Ming-Chien Su, Ph.D.
Field Site
Guangfu Township
Publication Link
Ming-Chien Su, Ph.D. / Publications / Publications Link
Finacial Source
Ministry of Science and Technology 
Yu-Chia Su, Ph.D. 
Research Assistants
Yi-Zih Chen, Tsung-Yuan Wang, Jheng-Rong Fan, Dalibor Mlcak 
This research is a joint research project to study the social-ecological systems of Danongdafu Forest Park and nearby areas in Hualien, whereby the main stress is on human to environment and ecosystem are agricultural activity and tourism activities. In order to understand the interactions between the social-ecosystems and improve the adaptive capacity of the system for dealing with disturbances, this research spans threeyears in order to achieve the objectives: (1) measure the environmental quality along with other social characteristics developed by the communities in Guangfu Township; (2) establish a regional EPI framework model by screening the available adaptive performance indicators; and (3) evaluatethe trend of sustainable development in a close social-ecological system. This study applies the resilience framework and adopts the Environmental Performance Index (EPI) as major research methods to learn about the social-ecological system development in Danongdafu Forest Park and nearby area. The preliminary result are: (1) water resource management, agricultural development, forest park operation, and environmental sustainability are the priority issues in the studied area, especially water resource shortage, which is one of the most urgent problems that matches the research hypothesis; (2) with a regional EPI framework developed based on the surveying results, the available data are used to establish the local EPI database; (3) the experiments of exposure assessment are designed to simulate the environment quality in the region, and the results show that heavy metals in the environment significantly influence the kidney and liver of the experiments’ rats; additionally, related lesions of metals in the ovaries are found; and (4) a designed framework of integrating environmental quality, the environmental performance index (EPI), and regional resilience capability index (RRCI) is promoted for evaluating the sustainability of the studied area.  
Guangfu Township 
Hualien River 
Central Mountain Range, Seashore Mountain Range 
Main Keywords
Environmental Performance Index
Exposure Assessment
Social-ecological Systems  
Secondary Keywords
Water Resources Management
Environmental Monitoring