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Resilient Water Management and Social-Eco System Resilience: Developing a Regional Water Resilience Capacity Index for Forest Park Catchment.
Ming-Chien Su, Ph.D.
Field Site
Guangfu Township
Publication Link
Ming-Chien Su, Ph.D. / Publications / Publications Link
Finacial Source
Ministry of Science and Technology 
Yu-Chia Su, Ph.D. 
Research Assistants
Yi-Zih Chen, Chih-Chun Yen, Jung-Chih Chang 
This research is a joint research project studying the social-ecological systems of Danongdafu Forest Park and nearby area in Hualien. Danongdafu Forest Park and nearby Guangfu River Watershed have the unique geological characteristic of a large creek with active agriculture development and tourism activities, with nearby Central Mountain Rim and Coastal Mountain Rim having extremely natural forest ecosystems. This research spans threeyears. Environmental monitoring, ecological exposure assessment, the Environmental Performance Index (EPI), and Resilience Capacity Index (RCI) are the major research methods to learn the social-ecological system development in Danongdafu Forest Park and nearby area. The objectives of this study are: (1) to measure the water environmental quality along with the other social characteristics developed by the communities in Guangfu Township; (2) to share the environmental quality database with the joint researchers for screening the adaptive performance indicators and to establish a Regional Water Resource Resilience Capacity Index (RWRCI) framework; and (3) to evaluate the sustainable development trend in a close social-ecological system.  
Guangfu Township 
Hualien River 
Central Mountain Range, Seashore Mountain Range 
Main Keywords
Resilience Capacity Index
Environmental Performance Index
Exposure Assessment
Social-ecological Systems  
Secondary Keywords
Water Resources Management
Environmental Monitoring