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Psychological Practices in Ways Otherwise Than Professional: Exploring the Humanity Images and Innovative Social Actions in Nan-Hwa Project..
Wei-Lun Lee, Ph.D.
Field Site
Ji-an Township
Publication Link
Wei-Lun Lee, Ph.D. / Publications / Publications Link
Name of Integrated Research Project
Cross-disciplinary Study of Humanities and Social Science: Humanistic Imagination, Local Practice, and Social Innovation  
Chief Investigator of Integrated Research Project
Meei-Ju Lin, Ph.D., Yaw-Sheng Lin, Ph.D.  
Finacial Source
Ministry of Science and Technology 
Nan-Hwa Project is a program for disadvantaged children through the cooperation of National Dong Hwa University and Nan Hua Elementary School since the academic year of 2004. During this 8-year period of time, the student participants from Dong Hwa have committed themselves to one-year service to accompany the children of Nan Hua for one hour per week without any compensation. The major principles for building this companionship are twofold: 1) commitment, with an insistence on consistency in meeting time and place; and 2) being together, by putting forth efforts to understand the children’s world and to be side by side with them. The purpose of this 3-year study is to explore the essential operations of Nan-Hwa Project and to respond to the National Science Council’s call for studies on Humanity Images and Innovative Social Actions. This study proposes that Nan-Hwa Project contains various ways “other than professional” that provide fruitful phenomena for study in order to develop new root metaphors and innovative social actions for psychological practices in Taiwan.  
Ji-an Township 
Aborigine, Han, Haka 
Central Mountain Range 
Main Keywords
rural area education
social Innovative social practice
Psychological healing  
Secondary Keywords
Nan-Hwa Project