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Issues of Practicing on Social Trust System, Reflexive Modernity and Living Domination in Organic Farmer's Market in Hualien.
Jiehn-Fu Tsai, Ph.D.
Field Site
Shoufong Township
Publication Link
Jiehn-Fu Tsai, Ph.D. / Publications / Publications Link
Name of Integrated Research Project
Cross-disciplinary Study of Humanities and Social Science: Humanistic Imagination, Local Practice, and Social Innovation  
Chief Investigator of Integrated Research Project
Meei-Ju Lin, Ph.D., Yaw-Sheng Lin, Ph.D.  
Finacial Source
Ministry of Science and Technology 
Research Assistants
Ray-Tsun Wu 
The members of Hualien Farmers Market are a group of farmers using organic farming to produce fresh vegetables, fruits, rice, and other foods, selling their products face to face with customers. It is a special way that might reduce the risk of food safety in our everyday life. This farmers market deals with anonymous things in modern society by practicing PGS(Participatory Guarantee System). Most farmers in this market live in rural areas with a self-contained life, are conservative, traditional, predestinate, slow, ecological, and honest, and have a religious belief. By contrast, people who live in urban areas exhibit viewpoints of modernity, making much of new experiences, and have a lot of freedom and pressure. This research is going to organize an exchange between people in rural and urban areas through the connection of food. Furthermore, it will extend the dual introspection of social construction within modernity and rurality and find a transition and embodiment of intersubjective identity. This is a three-year program of action research, with the research goal of achieving PGS in the farmers market, in order to find rurality and modernity with the two-dimensional inhabitants of the countryside and city and to promote understanding and mutual cooperation among them.  
Shoufong Township 
Multiple ethics 
Hualien River, Xiuguluan River 
Central Mountain Range, Seashore Mountain Range 
Main Keywords
farmer's market
organic farming