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The 2014 project of Six-Level-Industry Development Consulting and Service in Eastern Taiwan
Hurng Jyuhn Wang, Ph.D.
Field Site
Across township
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Hurng Jyuhn Wang, Ph.D. / Publications / Publications Link
Finacial Source
National Development Council, Executive Yuan 
Dr. Jiang, R. S
Mr. Lee, C. Y.
Dr. Chui, Y. R.
Dr. Hong, J. Y.
Mr. Yian
Yu-Chun Ku, Ph.D.
Chiung-Wen Chang, Ph.D. 
Research Assistants
Miss Wang, C. L, Miss Yin, S. H., Mr. Meng, T. C., Miss Wu, R. M. 
According to “The Sustainable Development Strategies of Eastern Taiwan” promulgated in 2014 by the National Development Council, Executive Yuan, eastern Taiwan will follow its niche attributes in the regional contexts of economic, social, and environmental sustainable development to build up regional and local industry. However, eastern Taiwan is in a remote area of Taiwan and has been economically stagnant for a number of decades. The region’s agriculture-based industry with its abundant natural beauty and cultural diversity has provided opportunities to a prosperous tourism industry. The purpose of this project is to set a Six-Level-Industry Development Consulting and Service Center (SDCSC) to integrate the existing governmental and non-governmental sources and assist withtechnologies needs. The SDCSC center organizes local universities, governmental agencies, businesses, and non-profit organizations’ professional administrators to help in the development of fields such as organic agriculture, innovative culture industry, and leisure industry.  
Across township 
across community 
Aborigine, Han, Haka 
Liwu River, Hualien River, Xiuguluan River 
Central Mountain Range, Seashore Mountain Range 
Main Keywords
social Enterprise
co-operative society
social economy  
Secondary Keywords
regional development
local governance