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From Memories to Techniques: Contemporary Transformation of Agriculture and Communal Dynamics of Kiwit, Tapalong, and Talampo Amis in Hualien.
Yi-Tze Lee, Ph.D.
Field Site
Fuli Township, Guangfu Township
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Yi-Tze Lee, Ph.D. / Publications / Publications Link
Finacial Source
Ministry of Science and Technology 
Research Assistants
Weining Chiang, Kutai Gahawa 
Cooperation Agency
Talampo, Tapalong communities 
Contemporary indigenous communities in Taiwan have gone through various mechanisms of modernization since the early 20th century, including state governance, Christianity conversion, intensive conventional agricultural practice, and industrial production and consumption. The mode of production and livelihood of indigenous communities have changed greatly due to such transformation. The most recent initiative of organic and communal self-empowering agriculture is a revitalizing effort on retrieving two major cultural heritages of indigenous communities: agricultural skills and ritual memories. This study aims to discuss the historical trajectories—detached from the local, transformed via intensive green revolution, and reintegrated with cultural dynamics—from the relations among communal lives and agricultural activities. Two approaches are the main concern of this research project. The first approach aims to discuss the making and retrieval of communal memories with the focus of agricultural modernization. The second focus delves into the affective engagement and identification of community organization in the case of agriculture as a type of cultural commodity. Three types of community organization are identified from the cases: the local farmers association, the community development committee, and the church-led agricultural production group. The prospective outcome of this project is to discuss how the community empowerment process is linked to the construction of traditional memories. This project further intends to explore the contemporary feature of land ethics of Amis (Pangcah) agricultural practice.  
Fuli Township, Guangfu Township 
Talampo, Tai Ba Lang 
Xiuguluan River 
Seashore Mountain Range 
Main Keywords
empowerment politics
agricultural revitalization
affective labor
cultural heritage  
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