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The Reconstruction of Pan-Tayal Weaving Craft Body Skill, Labor Process and Cultural Identity.
Shu-Chuan, Lai Ph.D.
Field Site
Jhuosi Township, Sioulin Township
Publication Link
Shu-Chuan, Lai Ph.D. / Publications / Publications Link
Finacial Source
Ministry of Science and Technology 
Research Assistants
Hsu, Pei Shan, Wang, Yao Huei, Wu, Wen Shin, Bai, Huang Yung 
Cooperation Agency
Shanli Community Development Association 
The major concern in this study is the issue on the revival of weaving craft for the Pan-tayaltribein Hualien. This research investigates the interlocking process of weaving labor, cultural identity, and market. More specifically, the dimensions of production and consumption are observed. The dimension of production is related to the creator’s body skills, family memory, and consideration of use value as well as exchange value. The dimension of consumption refers to the changing identity of the consumers/users, as well as the intervention of local organization and government. Under this process, the mechanism for continuing the craft of weaving, by which the tribal community could be renewed, is pursued.  
Jhuosi Township, Sioulin Township 
Shanli, Sioulin 
Seediq, Truku(Taroko) 
Xiuguluan River 
Central Mountain Range 
Main Keywords
Weaving Craft
Social Memory
cultural heritage  
Project Report