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The construction and practice of subjectivity in the rural education (1/3)
Yu-Chun Ku, Ph.D.
Field Site
Shoufong Township
Publication Link
Yu-Chun Ku, Ph.D. / Publications / Publications Link
Finacial Source
Ministry of Science and Technology 
Research Assistants
Ming-Hung Wu 
Cooperation Agency
This research aims to create a new rural educational model that is formed with the subjectivity of the rural area, by involving the design and development of a local learning programing Taiwan’s compulsory education. 
This research argues for large-scale education reform in Taiwan led by the majority and the socio-economically disadvantaged people who are more seriously marginalized in the contemporary education system, rather than improving local educational empowerment, as former ministers of the Department of Education concluded in the conference, 20 Years of Education Reform: Retrospect & Prospect. In this context, the present research highlights the importance and necessary of exploring the subjectivity of rural education, which is a complement to the current educational theory and practice in Taiwan. 
This research adopts ethnography and action research as research methods, and the research field is the whole local village, rather than focusing on a single community, including homes, neighborhoods, social spaces, schools, farms, temples, stores, etc., which provide diverse research materials. In order to implement the practical value of these research methods, the research team builds a long-term partnership with local children and local people based on the idea of Learning Consortium in the field. Such a partnership is the characteristic of this research. In this vein, the research is conceived as a person, in which the research team is the person’s heart and mind, while the partnership acts as the person’s limbs. It is believed that this kind of research design creates a new form of educational research, especially for rural education.  
Shoufong Township 
Fon-Tien Village 
Main Keywords
rural education, the subjectivity of education  
Secondary Keywords
anthropology of education, multicultural education