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Evaluation of Forest Ecosystem Functions and Eco-Compensation Mechanism (I).
Chun-Hung Lee, Ph.D.
Field Site
Guangfu Township
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Chun-Hung Lee, Ph.D. / Publications / Publications Link
Finacial Source
Ministry of Science and Technology 
Lin, Kuo Chuan 
Research Assistants
Chen, Kuan Ying, Lin, Yu Yueh, Chunh, Meng Chin 
This study constructed empirical models based on the “forest park and neighborhood community ecosystem services”, analyzed the factors affecting the willingness to pay (WTP) and willingness to work (WTW) under the contingent valuation method (CVM), and estimated the economic benefits of the DanongdaduForest {ark and neighborhood community ecosystem services. The results show that: (1) the higher the income, "a short time to live", "in favor of community involvement (or execution) government agency plans to engage in ecological resources conservation", "agreed to provide the land use rights to community conservation efforts" "relatively have to pay money to improve the community's willingness to conservation work "," compared with having to spend time to improve the community's willingness to conservation work "community interviewees, the community conservation trust fund of WTW & WTW will be higher; (2) the WTP of the DanongdaduForest Park and neiberhood community ecosystem services is between NT$3,233 to NT$3,497 per capita population, while the average person is willing to work between 24.86 to 26.82 hours weekly.  
Guangfu Township 
Main Keywords
Ecosystem Services
Willingness to Pay
Willingness to Work
Danongdadu Forest Park  
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