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Citizen Science and the Resilience of Social-Ecological System: Enhancing Communities Participating in Forest Vertebrates Monitoring.
Yi-Ju Yang, Ph.D.
Field Site
Guangfu Township
Publication Link
Yi-Ju Yang, Ph.D. / Publications / Publications Link
Finacial Source
Ministry of Science and Technology 
Kuang-Chung Lee, Ph.D. 
Research Assistants
Hsueh, Huei Fang, Kung, Wen Pin 
Via action research, the goal of the project is to help establish adaptive co-management of social-ecological systems between Danung-Dafu Reforestation Area, its neighboring communities, and the Coastal Mountain Range in order to enhance the resilience of each social-ecological system. More and more citizens have recently gotten involved in the issue of social-ecological systems, thus bringing about the term “citizen science”. Citizen science means well-trained people participating in scientific projects and becoming citizen scientists, who help collect data for scientists to analyze and make public. The purpose of this research is to use citizen science to help communities participate in forest ecosystem management. The goal of the first year is to promote and study citizen science, by getting people involved in forest ecosystem management, which includes analyzing the survey methods of other sub-projects, deciding citizen scientific issues of forest ecosystem management, forming a project team, developing, testing, and modifying the methods of practice, data patterns, and teaching materials. The goal of the second year is to establish adaptive co-management, recruit and train participants, help citizen scientists conduct field surveys, and set up a multi-functional website as the communicative platform between the project and the communities. The goal of the third year is to study the changes in citizen science for those participating in forest ecosystem management. Aside from training and recruiting citizen scientists to help with field surveys and data analyses, the citizen scientific project will also be evaluated. It will further make use of the website database and the results of projects to encourage citizen scientists to get involved in forest ecosystem management and help put adaptive co-management into effect.  
Guangfu Township 
Da Fu, Fu Xing, Jia li Wan, Tai Ba Lang 
Pangcah(Amis), Han, Haka 
Main Keywords
Citizen Science  
Secondary Keywords
Forest Ecosystem Management