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Social-Ecological Systems Resilience and Adaptive Co-Management: Origins, Interplay and Changes of Resilience and Governance Institutions.
Hsing-Sheng Tai, Ph.D.
Field Site
Guangfu Township, Rueisuei Township
Publication Link
Hsing-Sheng Tai, Ph.D. / Publications / Publications Link
Finacial Source
Ministry of Science and Technology 
Research Assistants
Kuo, Nai Chen, Lan, Chun Wei 
Cooperation Agency
Forestry Bureau 
This joint research proposal “social-ecological system resilience and adaptive co-management: an experimental pioneer study in Taiwan” aims to study resilience and adaptive co-management governance of the studied focal social-ecological system. Based on the social-ecological system resilience thinking framework, the research, including six research sub-proposals, looks to achieve this objective in the Tajungtafureforestration area of Hualien and the nearby local communities. We will investigate the long-term dynamics of the social-ecological system under different management regimes and land use scenarios. We expect that the research findings can help to modify relevant environmental and resource governance policies and laws in Taiwan.
For the whole research project, the sub-proposal “social-ecological system resilience and adaptive co-management: origins, interplay, and changes of resilience and governance institutions” in fact plays a pivotal and coordinative role. It studies the interactions and co-evolution of system resilience and adaptive co-management governance institutions, including the following research issues.
1. How and why do social-ecological system resilience and the adaptive co-management governance institutions originate?
2. What are the institutional designs of the studied adaptive co-management governance institutions?
3. How do cross-scale governance institutions interact?
4. How and why do the studied adaptive co-management institutions change?
5. How are the adaptability and transformability of governance institutions of the focal system?
6. How do system resilience and adaptive co-management institutions interplay?
7. What are the relevant research issues, including collective action, social capital, social network, and social learning?
8. What is the reconsideration of the current environmental and resource governance policies and laws in Taiwan based on the project’s research findings?   
Guangfu Township, Rueisuei Township 
Da Fu, Fu Xing, Jia li Wan, Tai Ba Lang, Daho, Karowa, Mafo 
Pangcah(Amis), Han 
Hualien River, Xiuguluan River 
Central Mountain Range, Seashore Mountain Range 
Main Keywords
environmental and resources governance
social-ecological system
adaptive co-management
governance institutions
Eastern Taiwan  
Project Report